Daily Update-May 6, 2020 Las Vegas City Council Meeting

The Las Vegas City Council met today. They approved an extension for businesses with alcohol licenses to provide delivery or pickup services of alcoholic beverages. The extension will last until January 2021.  They also approved a temporary program which allows fines for certain parking infractions to be paid by donating school supplies.

City Manager Scott Adams’s report focused on how the City is doing during the pandemic. Highlights from his report are below.

  • First priority is city budget, and second is reopening
  • $140M deficit, compared to $100M in Great Recession
  • $90M of funds available for use
  • If action is not taken, City will be insolvent by Jan 21
  • $119 to City from CARES Act direct appropriation
  • Have asked bargaining groups for 6% concession to prevent layoffs¬†
  • Believe that the intent of CARES legislation is for the money to be used directly for local governments
  • The Mayor asked if we could get state money as
  • Each city dept. has been asked to make a reopening plan
  • 115 people served at ISOQ facility
    • Cost of ISOQ will be reimbursed federally

If you would like to view the meeting, it can be seen here: https://lasvegas.primegov.com/Portal/Meeting?compiledMeetingDocumentFileId=10991

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