Bill Signings- June 11, 2021

This week, Governor Sisolak was busy signing legislation. Some of the highlights are below, and the full lists of the status of bills can be found here: 

Bills Signed by the Governor

Bills in the Governor’s Office

Accessible & Secure Elections Legislation 

Assembly Bill 121: Improves voting access for those with a disability or overseas

Assembly Bill 321: Makes Nevada the sixth state to adopt a permanent vote-by mail-system

Assembly Bill 126: Makes Nevada first in the nation for primaries in the general elections

Assembly Bill 422: Improves voter registration and data collection

Assembly Bill 432: Expands the automatic voter registration process

Economic Development Legislation

Senate Bill 283: Authorizes the governing body of a municipality to create a district to finance or refinance qualified improvement projects for energy efficiency, renewable energy, resiliency, or water efficiency

Senate Bill 430: Expands and makes structural changes to the State Infrastructure Bank

Senate Bill 448 : accelerate transmission development, renewable energy and storage, bolstering Nevada’s clean energy economy

Healthcare Legislation

Assembly Bill 224: Requires middle schools, junior high schools, and high schools to provide feminine hygiene products in school bathrooms at no cost to the students

Senate Bill 190Allows women to receive birth control through a pharmacy and bypass a doctor’s visit by requiring the Chief Medical Officer to issue a standing prescription order

Senate Bill 209: Requires certain employers to provide paid leave so employees can take time off to get the  COVID-19 vaccine

Senate Bill 420: Public option for healthcare

Senate Bill 424: Creates the Public Health Resource Office to analyze the existing infrastructure for meeting Nevada’s public health needs

Criminal and Social Justice Reform Legislation

Assembly Bill 116: Decriminalizes minor traffic violations, making them civil infractions and ends the practice of issuing warrants when an individual can’t afford to pay fines, fees and assessments

Assembly Bill 286: Restricts the manufacture, possession, purchase, transfer, transportation, or sale of firearms and unfinished frames or receivers that have not been imprinted with a serial number (ghost guns)

Senate Bill 219: removes a court’s authority to suspend a driver’s license or prohibit a defendant from applying for a driver’s license as the result of any delinquent fine, administrative assessment, fee, or restitution the defendant owes

K-12 Education Legislation

Assembly Bill 495: Creates a 1% levy on large silver and gold mines for public school funding

Senate Bill 173: ‘Back on Track’, aimed at helping districts address the learning loss experienced as a result of the COVID-19 crisis

Senate Bill 450: Authorizes the board of trustees of a school district to issue general obligation bonds previously authorized by a vote of the people for a second additional period of 10 years without additional approval

Today, we also saw the first four veto notices: 

Veto Statements

AB65: Revises provisions relating to ethics in government. (BDR 23-257)

AB368: Revises provisions relating to improvement districts. (BDR 22-17)

SB254: Revises provisions relating to discrimination in housing. (BDR 18-38)

SB391: Revises provisions relating to dentistry. (BDR 40-455)

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