Daily Update- May 27, 2020 Redistricting and GCB Guidelines

Today, the Committee to Conduct an Interim Study of the Requirements for Reapportionment and Redistricting in Nevada met to discuss the upcoming redistricting. There were reports from the state demographer, Board of Regents, Census staff, and LCB staff. Due to COVID-19, census activities have been delayed, and this in turn delays reporting to the Legislature. Full census information will not be available until after the 2021 session ends.  LCB staff reported that a special session will need to convene in order to redistrict before the 2022 general election. Delaying redistricting until 2023 session takes the state out of “safe harbor”, meaning there could be legal challenges to the one person, one vote rules. Redistricting work can be done during session and final work done after in a special session.

The Gaming Control Board released updated policy today to guide casinos in their reopening. Guests will have their temperatures checked upon arrival, or there will be a requirement of medical professionals on property. Properties must have face coverings available for guests, player numbers will be limited at tables, and social distancing must be practiced.

The full notice from the GCB can be found here:

Updated Health and Safety Policies for Reopening after Temporary Closure

The Daily Situation Report

Federal Updates

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Agency Updates

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