Daily Update- July 13, 2020 Federal Funding in NV, SB1 and SB2 Move

Today, Governor Sisolak released a detailed look at federal funding that has flowed into Nevada so far to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic.  Federal funding has been distributed throughout Nevada from the CARES Act to address public health needs and to fund state and local government programs for children, families, seniors, law enforcement and health care providers.   

The full press release can be found HERE, and the full overview is HERE.

Today was Day 5 of the Special Session. SB1 and SB2 (amended) passed out of the Senate Committee of the Whole and was passed by the house. The Assembly introduced both bills and heard both in the Committee of the Whole. Those bills also passed out of the Assembly. Both are adjourned until tomorrow afternoon.

Special Session News

PHOTOS: Scenes from the first six days of the special legislative session (NV Indy)

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