Daily Update- July 16, 2020 New Mining Bill, COVID-19 Updates

Today a new bill was introduced in the Assembly. AB4 Revises the formula for determining the tax on the net proceeds of minerals extracted. The bill lowers the level of deductions that the state’s mining industry can take to reduce their taxable sales, a measure that could bring $54.7 million more into the general fund. The bill was just heard in the Assembly, and is expected to be heard in the Senate later tonight. Should the bill move through both houses. Governor Sisolak has expressed his intent to sign it. His remarks can be seen HERE.

Special Session News

PHOTOS: Lawmakers continue working on state’s budget shortall as special session enters ninth day (NV Indy)

Democrats introduce bill reducing mining tax deductions raising about $55 million; Republicans propose alternative plan (NV Indy)

The Daily COVID-19 Press Bulletin is HERE, and the weekly Situation Report is HERE.

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