The G3 Wire- July 21, 2023

Governor Lombardo signed 536 bills that reached his desk this legislative session, and almost 200 went party or fully into effect on July 1st. These are some of the main bills that are now in effect:

  • AB226– Allows DACA recipients who move to Nevada to qualify for in-state college tuition within one year of living in the state.
  • AB285– One of two bills passed this session to overhaul the state’s restorative justice law.
  • AB400– Education bill: creates an early education literacy fund, gives the ability for the Commission on School Funding to track student performance, authorization of charter school transportation funding.
  • SB163 –Insurance coverage of gender-affirming care.
  • SB294 – Requires gun dealers include a locking device when they sell or transfer a gun. 
  • SB315 – ‘Bill of rights’ for people with disabilities, including K-12 students.
  • SB431– Governor’s government modernization bill

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