The G3Wire- November 17, 2023

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We’ll take next week off due to the holiday, so we’ll say Happy Thanksgiving early!

In the month of November, we have seen a number of new candidate announcements as well as more news about incumbents not running for re-election.  On November 2nd, the Assembly Democrats announced who would be running for re-election and provided some insight into who from that caucus is not going to run in 2024, which list includes:

AD6 – Shondra Summers Armstrong

AD7 – CH Miller

AD10 – Sabra Smith Newby

AD11 – Bea Duran

AD17 – Claire Thomas (running for SD 1)

AD24 – Sarah Peters

AD27 – Angie Taylor (running for SD 15)

AD29 – Lesley Cohen

AD35 – Michelle Gorelow

In other news, Southern Nevada continues to demonstrate it is the entertainment and sports capitol of the world.  This weekend it will be hosting the much anticipated F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, and on Thursday, the 16th, the owners of Major League Baseball voted unanimously to approve the relocation of the Oakland A’s to the Las Vegas Strip.  Here is the round-up of the rest of the political news in Nevada this week:

Federal Updates

To avoid government shutdown, House approves speaker’s stopgap plan

Under his proposal, Johnson is putting forward a unique — critics say bizarre — two-part process that temporarily

funds some federal agencies to Jan. 19 and others to Feb. 2. It’s a continuing resolution, or CR, that comes without

any of the deep cuts conservatives have demanded all year. It also fails to include President Joe Biden’s request for nearly $106 billion for Ukraine, Israel, border security and other supplemental funds

More solar, geothermal development planned on NV public lands — and likely some conflict too

Department of the Interior announced it is advancing 15 renewable energy projects across the West,

adding to a growing number of development projects on public lands in the region.

Updates from the Governor’s Office

Governor Joe Lombardo Announces Kris Sanchez as Incoming Business and Industry Director

Sanchez has been with GOED for more than a decade and was most recently the deputy director.

He holds a doctorate in public policy from UNLV.

Lombardo Talks opioid epidemic, Conservation with Western governors

The governors urged the Department of Health and Human Services to expand state Medicaid waivers for

opioid use disorder and pushed Congress to dedicate resources to states to develop and share culturally

specific opioid awareness and education campaigns.

The governors also passed a resolution addressing national forest and rangeland challenges that include

policy recommendations relating to wildfire mitigation, suppression, and recovery, as well as a resolution

outlining the governors’ policy positions on species management and conservation issues.

State Agency and Local Government Updates

Nevada charter schools are higher rated than district schools, but…

But state charter schools still lag in enrollment of low-income students, English language learners and

special education students — demographics known to need additional resources to achieve the

measures emphasized by the state’s ratings system.

Articles of Interest

MLB Owners to Vote on A’s Las Vegas Move While Stadium Questions Linger

The 30 owners are convening in Arlington, Texas, for a quarterly meeting, and the team’s

prospective move is on the docket. The club needs to win over at least 75% of the other owners to move

ahead with the plan to leave Oakland after 55 years in the Bay Area.

Teachers group plans to block Las Vegas Stadium funding

Schools Over Stadiums claims SB1 violates the numerous clauses in the Nevada Constitution.

Lawmaker suggests profit motive behind NV Energy’s ‘flawed and fractured’ planning

Watts asks regulators to “proceed with caution” on NV Energy’s fifth and latest amendment to its 2021 integrated

resource plan that calls for about $2 billion in additional investments – much of it in fossil fuels.

The PUC is scheduled to take up the amendment in January 2024, just months before NV Energy’s 2024 IRP is due.

As Vegas F1 race approaches, questions loom over lofty economic projections

As the grand prix kicks off Saturday after several days of practice sessions, qualifying and other F1 events,

the question will remain the same — is closing the most iconic street in the world for half a week worth it?

Initial economic impact projections painted a rosy picture, but with ticket prices and room rates dropping

ahead of the official race kickoff, Southern Nevada will soon find out if those lofty projections align with reality.

Lombardo: Democratic super-majority in ’25 Legislature would render him irrelevant

Joe Lombardo set a single-session record for vetoes in 2023, killing 75 bills from a Democratic Legislature.

Lombardo does not want to do that again in the 2025 session, saying that he is doing what he can to elect

More Republicans and stop Democrats from gaining super-majorities in both the state Senate and Assembly.

Upcoming Fundraisers

Democratic Assemblymembers Shea Backus, Howard Watts, and Erica Mosca

Date: Tuesday, November 28 @ 5:30-7:30pm

Location: CraftHaus Brewery, 197 E California Avenue #130, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Commissioner Tick Segerblom

Date: Friday, December 1 @ 8-10am

Location: Siegel’s Bagelmania, 252 Convention Center Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Republican Assemblymembers Bert Gurr, Gregory Hafen, Melissa Hardy, Brian Hibbetts, Dr. Gregory Koenig, and Toby Yurek

Date: Monday, December 4 @ 11:30am-1:30pm

Location: Capital Grille, 3200 Las Vegas Blvd #3300, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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