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June 28, 2024

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump pitched to undecided voters during the first debate of the presidential campaign — trading insults over their policy differences, immigration and who represents a threat to democracy.  In Nevada news this week, a handful of new laws enacted during the 2023 legislative session go into effect on Monday, including measures related to Medicaid coverage of mental health care and the interrogation of children during custody hearings. Five international companies announced business development in Nevada in key strategic sectors, including battery technology, sustainable mining and research services, and other energy-efficient manufacturing. The companies’ visions align with our five-year economic development strategy to realize Nevada’s electric, innovative and connected future. Finally, see an attached summary of Nevada’s primary election results!

Updates from the Governor’s Office

Governor Lombardo Announces New International Investment in Nevada (B-ROLL and PICTURES)

Governor Joe Lombardo and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development announced new international investments in Nevada at the 2024 Select USA Investment Summit. (

State and Local Government Updates

Rosen-Amodei bill would block USPS plan to move Reno mail operations to California

The bipartisan bill is written in a way that’s expected to get support from more members of Congress by also addressing concerns in other states about Postmaster Louis DeJoy’s “Delivering for America” plan to consolidate mail facilities in an effort to run USPS more like a business. (Reno Gazette Journal)

Settlement reached in abuse of student

A federal judge has approved a nearly $10 million settlement for a special needs student abused by his teacher at a Las Vegas elementary school. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

Charter schools face state action:  Voluntary closure, urged termination of 2nd

The State Public Charter School Authority approved the voluntary surrender of one Las Vegas charter school and recommended the termination of another because of financial concerns and mismanagement. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

Acceptance of F1 tickets probed

Commissioners Tick Segerblom, Ross Miller, Justin Jones and Jim Gibson confirmed Tuesday that they had received a notice of the investigation from the Nevada Commission on Ethics. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

Nevada agencies eye artificial intelligence to speed jobless claims, DMV queries

Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy in Nevada government, but some agencies have begun using the emergent technology to streamline processes and make services more user-friendly. (The Nevada Independent)

Indy Gaming: Why Nevada now trails neighboring Arizona in sports betting

In the years since PASPA was tossed by the Supreme Court, Nevada has lost its standing as the leading sports betting state in the U.S. Last month, Arizona became the leading sports betting state in the Southwest. (The Nevada Independent)

By the Numbers: Nevada again near bottom for children’s well-being

The Annie E. Casey Foundation Kids Count Data Book shows how kids are doing since the pandemic through economic, education, health and other metrics. (The Nevada Independent)

Northern Nevada to get most of $9.4 million in federal funds for affordable housing

About $9.4 million is headed to Nevada for affordable housing projects – almost double the record amount received last year. (Reno Gazette Journal)

Outgoing superintendent’s gift to her replacement is a reminder of what’s important

At her last meeting at the helm, again, of the Washoe County School District, interim Superintendent Kristen McNeill gave gifts to the person who will soon take her place. (Reno Gazette Journal)

Analysis: NV Energy predicts lower bills, but only because of fuel trends out of its control

Some Northern Nevadans will see their bills go down as fuel prices drop. But when prices stabilize, customers will see higher bills, according to watchdogs. (The Nevada Independent)

Nevada prisons’ menu overhaul sparks concerns from families over nutrition

Some family members of inmates in Nevada’s seven state prisons say they worry that the state is falling short on its duty to provide nutritional meals — and in adequate portions. (Las Vegas Sun)

Initiatives pass a hurdle

Ballot initiatives related to voter ID and abortion access have submitted enough signatures to appear on the November ballot.  Groups backing the two initiatives gathered more than the required 102,000 signatures ahead of Wednesday’s deadline, which marked the last day for supporters to turn in signatures. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

Judge denies motion to dismiss cybersecurity lawsuit against Clark County schools

A Clark County judge on Thursday denied the Clark County School District’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit over a 2023 cybersecurity breach. The judge previously said she leaned toward dismissing the case. (The Nevada Independent)

Nevada casinos heading toward a fourth straight yearly gaming revenue record

Nevada’s casino industry is headed toward another record-breaking year with just five months in the books. But analysts said Strip casino operators are cautioning about a potential slowdown in the coming months.(The Nevada Independent)

Nevada’s minimum wage hits $12 an hour July 1. Now what?

When Democratic lawmakers celebrated passing legislation in 2019 that would gradually raise Nevada’s hourly minimum wage to $12 by July 2024, organizers and workers were encouraged by increased wages. (Nevada Current)

Appeal not Nevada attorney general’s only option for pursuing fake electors

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, who on Friday vowed to appeal a Clark County judge’s ruling that she had no jurisdiction over the criminal case brought against Nevada’s fake electors, is now considering additional legal options. “We’re appealing and considering other strategies, including refiling,” Ford said via text Monday. He declined to elaborate further.  (Nevada Appeal)

What to know about the 17 new Nevada laws that go into effect July 1

A handful of new laws enacted during the 2023 legislative session go into effect on Monday, including measures related to Medicaid coverage of mental health care and the interrogation of children during custody hearings. (The Nevada Independent)

Federal Updates

Harris keeping focus on end of Roe:  Supreme Court set off health care crisis

WASHINGTON — Vice President Kamala Harris is using the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade to argue that Donald Trump is “guilty” of rolling back women’s freedoms and setting off a nationwide health care crisis.  (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

Justices to decide if states can prohibit hormones for transgender teenagers

 WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court said Monday it would hear a major case on transgender rights and decide whether states may prohibit  the use of puberty blockers and other hormones for teens who suffer from gender distress. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

On anniversary of overturning Roe, women rally in Las Vegas for Biden, abortion access

Congresswoman Dina Titus speaks at a Las Vegas rally for President Joe Biden on Monday, the second anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. “If somebody starts telling you, ‘Oh, it’s already decided in Nevada,’ you remind them a little of the history. For the short term you’re OK, but what about your daughter or your granddaughter, you wanna have them have fewer rights than you have at this point?” Titus said. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

Surgeon general declares gun violence a public health crisis

The U.S. surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, on Tuesday declared gun violence in America a public health crisis, recommending an array of preventive measures that he compared to past campaigns against smoking and traffic safety. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

NV Supreme Court rejects payday loan ballot initiative; narrower version awaits ruling

The high court upheld a lower court’s dismissal of the ballot initiative seeking to end high-interest lending and do more to protect people with unpaid debts from wage garnishment or asset seizure. (The Nevada Independent)

Lowering prescription costs for Medicare beneficiaries lifted burdens for Nevadans, they tell HHS secretary

Horsford said the large number of people on Medicare is why he keeps fighting for a lower price tag on prescription drugs. (Las Vegas Sun)

NV Supreme Court rejects payday loan ballot initiative; narrower version awaits ruling

The high court unanimously ruled the initiative was too broad, but a slimmed down version survived an initial legal challenge. (The Nevada Independent)

Biden to pardon vets discharged for same-sex relationships

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden will pardon U.S. military veterans who were discharged or convicted under military law for consensual same-sex relations, the administration announced Wednesday. (Nevada Current)

Court set to allow Idaho abortions

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court appears poised to allow emergency abortions in Idaho when a pregnant patient’s health is at serious risk, according to a copy of the opinion briefly posted on the court’s website Wednesday and obtained by Bloomberg News. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

Delayed Supreme Court ruling makes Trump trial on 2020 charges unlikely before election

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court has yet to rule on whether presidents enjoy total criminal immunity, delaying one of the most consequential legal decisions in U.S. history and likely closing the door on former President Donald Trump facing his federal election interference trial before November. (Nevada Appeal)

Articles of Interest

Fly me to Ivanpah: As traffic records tumble in Vegas, officials eye a second airport

Harry Reid International Airport is running out of space and officials are coming up with plans to keep the airlines arriving on time until a supplemental airport is ready in 2037. (The Nevada Independent)

Snowbirds flock to quiet Mesquite

Just no slowing Nevada’s fastest-growing city. Mesquite is the fastest-growing city in Nevada and could more than double its population in less than 20 years. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

‘It’s about survival’

Residents in Amargosa Valley leery of proposed lithium mine. Lithium, used in electric vehicle batteries, has been heralded by the Biden-Harris administration as a critical mineral needed to transition away from fossil fuels and combat climate change. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

Lobbyists have a secret legal weapon

In the battle to dismantle gun restrictions, raging in America’s courts even as mass shootings become commonplace, one name keeps turning up in the legal briefs and judges’ rulings: William English, Ph.D. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Voter ID partisans hit ballot criterion

Repair the Vote PAC said Monday evening it had submitted more than 179,000 signatures in support of the measure, approximately 77,000 more signatures than required to appear on the ballot. (Las Vegas Review Journal)  

Railway builder heads to NLV

A German railway manufacturer is set to open a $20 million production facility in North Las Vegas to help the buildout of the Brightline West high-speed rail project. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

Judge dismisses Nevada fake electors case over lack of jurisdiction

Judge Mary Kay Holthus ruled that Clark County was not an appropriate place to decide the case. (The Nevada Independent)

Parks survey reveals visitor trends around Nevada

The report, online at, details what park visitors do, how long they state and what they’d like from each of the state parks in Nevada. (Las Vegas Sun)

Washoe County School Board meeting stops twice after book protesters read graphic passages

The Washoe County School Board went into recess twice during public comment Tuesday after people read from books that the speakers said were inappropriate for school children and were on library shelves.  (Reno Gazette Journal)

Large ‘middle-mile’ fiber network breaks ground in underserved Reno communities

The Zayo Group, a global firm that specializes in communications infrastructure, celebrated a groundbreaking on Monday for a 645-mile, “middle mile” fiber network project that will run through Panther Valley and other Reno communities. (Reno Gazette Journal)

Nevada faces heightened wildfire potential this summer, state forester says

With less precipitation than normal across much of the Great Basin in June, a prolonged heat wave, and fields of flammable grasses helped along by a wet spring, most of northern and western Nevada and portions of southern Nevada are at greater risk of widespread wildfires from July through August. (Nevada Current)

As Dobbs decision turns 2, a look at where abortion protections stand in Nevada

The U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization two years ago has brought an onslaught of attacks on reproductive health care that has been felt even in states like Nevada where the right to an abortion is still protected at the state level. (Nevada Current)

Welcome to Las Vegas’ housing crisis in 2024

Nevada is short more than 78,000 affordable rental units for extremely low -income renters, according to estimates from the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Plus, the valley is landlocked with 88 percent of Clark County alone controlled by the federal government. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Water-rich Gila River tribe near Phoenix flexes its political muscles in a drying West

Stephen would become governor of the tribe, whose reservation is about a half-hour south of downtown Phoenix. Amid his tenure, he’s been pivotal in navigating a water crisis across the seven-state Colorado River basin caused by existential drought made worse by climate change and decades of Western states overdrawing from the river. (Las Vegas Sun)

Latino civil rights group begins annual convention

The oldest Latino civil rights organization in the U.S. on Wednesday kicked off its yearly national convention on the Las Vegas Strip, welcoming officials, experts and entertainers to discuss topics that affect the growing demographic, such as health care, education, and economic empowerment. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Nonprofit promotes EVs for Nevada’s future

As the Earth warms from the burning of fossil fuels, electric cars may be part of Nevada’s antidote. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

LV rents rise past affordability

Las Vegas rents are trending upward, and home prices are at record highs again, according to reports from Redfin and the National Association of Realtors. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Solar company benefits from law following lobbying efforts

WASHINGTON — As he campaigned for the presidency, Joe Biden promised to spend billions of dollars to “save the world” from climate change. One of the largest players in the solar industry was ready. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Nevada’s 3rd-largest city: North Las Vegas or Reno?

In 2020 census estimates, Reno was the third most populated city (264,981) in Nevada falling behind Las Vegas and Henderson. North Las Vegas’ population (271,104) surpassed Reno’s population (270,019) by nearly a thousand residents one year later. This trend continued in 2023 and 2024 census estimates, with the gap between North Las Vegas and Reno’s population widening. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Home care advocates call to raise wage of workers helping elderly with hygiene, housework

Advocates are calling for the “Silver State Home Care Standards,” which include a $20 minimum wage and increased funding to support small home-care businesses. (The Nevada Independent)

Indy Explains: How to prepare your home for wildfire season

Northern Nevada is already seeing flames consume acres of land in early June. State Forester Kacey KC has tips on how to stay safe during fire season. (The Nevada Independent)

Nevada casinos heading toward a fourth straight yearly gaming revenue record

Nevada’s casino industry is headed toward another record-breaking year with just five months in the books. But analysts said Strip casino operators are cautioning about a potential slowdown in the coming months. (The Nevada Independent)

Electric vehicles a boon for Nevada’s economy, workers and environment, say groups

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expected to soon issue updated pollution limits for new passenger cars and trucks that could slash billions of tons of planet-warming carbon dioxide pollution. (Nevada Current)

Former Nevada lawmaker arrested for DUI after Las Vegas police car chase

Former Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks is in police custody for DUI after a car chase involving him and Las Vegas Metropolitan police early Thursday morning. (

Critics call for tax cap, new vote as Washoe County fuel tax goes up July 1

High gas prices and inflation have some questioning the annual fuel indexing increase from the RTC-5 fuel tax. This year, the fuel tax will go up by 3.86 cents per gallon as part of the RTC-5 fuel tax, which gets its name from the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County. (Reno Gazette Journal)

GPS tracker update: Court adviser finds John Doe request to stay anonymous ‘unpersuasive’

In the lawsuit over a GPS device used to track Reno’s mayor, a new filing this week by Washoe County District Court says the anonymous person who paid for the spying must reveal his name. (Reno Gazette Journal)

Election News

Important Dates

General Early Voting              October 19                  Days Until: 113

General Election                     November 5                Days Until: 130

AARP poll finds Trump leading Biden in Nevada; older voters more motivated to turn out

A new poll of likely Nevada voters commissioned by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) finds former President Donald Trump with a 3-percentage-point lead over President Joe Biden. (The Nevada Independent)

Trump, Biden propel migrants to forefront of ‘contentious’ campaign

WASHINGTON — Republican lawmakers who met privately June 13 with Donald Trump said the former president was eager for them to turn up the heat on President Joe Biden and Democrats about illegal immigration. (Las Vegas Review Journal) 

Resistance to a new Trump administration has started

Opponents of Donald Trump are drafting potential lawsuits in case he is elected in November and carries out mass deportations, as he has vowed. One group has hired a new auditor to withstand any attempt by a second Trump administration to unleash the IRS on it. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Harris to stump in Las Vegas on Friday:  Vice president will be in state 5th time

Vice President Kamala Harris is set to visit Las Vegas on Friday, one day after the first presidential debate of the 2024 election. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Voters watching the debate with a hand over their eyes

Jay Bodenstein, a lifelong Democrat who lives in The Villages retirement community in Florida, plans to sit down this week for a night of television he regards with terror.  (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Immigration top Nevada Latino voters’ concern

While inflation and cost of living remain the top issue among registered Latino voters in Nevada, a sample of them polled in May chose immigration and border policy as their leading concern outside their economic priorities, according to findings released Tuesday. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Washoe County Republican Party rejects Colleen Westlake, Cher Daniels

According to a resolution approved by a voice vote of about 160 central committee members, Westlake “hurt the Republican brand, Republican values, Republicans as a whole, the community in general and, in particular and of most concern, all Washoe County students and their parents.” (Reno Gazette Journal)

Nevada Democrats sues to kick RFK Jr. off presidential ballot over party affiliations

If successful, the lawsuit could be a model for keeping Kennedy off of the ballot in numerous states. (The Nevada Independent)

AOC, in Las Vegas, rallies for Biden and women’s reproductive rights

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave a simple answer when she was asked what was at stake for women in November in the election between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. (Las Vegas Sun)

Washoe County Commission approves primary results 3-2 after ballot issues raised

Praise and criticism rained on the Washoe County commissioners and election staff Friday at a meeting to certify primary election results, ending in commissioners voting 3 to 2 to certify the vote. (Reno Gazette Journal)

New groups aim to restore faith in election system, uphold democracy

As President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump gear up for a rematch, organizations say it’s vital for voters to trust the election system.

Former Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval joining group to defend the legitimacy of elections

Those joining the Democracy Defense Project, whose launch was announced Tuesday, include two Georgia Republicans, former Gov. Nathan Deal and former U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, and two Democrats, former Gov. Roy Barnes and former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin. (Las Vegas Sun)

Undecided voters are the prize for both Biden and Trump in Thursday presidential debate

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will get a crucial opportunity to reach undecided voters and set the terms for the 2024 presidential campaign at Thursday night’s debate in Atlanta. (Nevada Current)

Debate will draw eyes, ears

WASHINGTON — Most U.S. adults plan to watch some element of Thursday’s presidential debate and many think the event will be important for the campaigns of both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Poll shows 60% of nation will pay attention to Biden, Trump.  (Las Vegas Review Journal)

How Trump and Biden might attack each other at their debate

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have sparred for months on the campaign trail, in interviews with reporters and through paid advertisements, creating phantom likenesses of each other to thrash and tear down. (Las Vegas Sun)

Primary candidates Lily Baran, Mark Lawson and Paul White seek recount from Washoe County

The campaigns requesting the recounts are Lily Baran for Reno City Council Ward 1, Mark Lawson for Washoe County Commission District 4 and Paul White for Washoe County School Board Trustee District G. (Reno Gazette Journal)

Silver Bulletin 2024 presidential election forecast

Well, honestly, we don’t know — but we can give you our best probabilistic guess. This is the landing page for the 2024 Silver Bulletin presidential election forecast. It will always contain the most recent data from the model.1 (

Presidential election seen as climate turning point as CO2 hits record

WASHINGTON – Despite policies the Biden administration has championed to target climate change, recent findings show carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is at an all-time high, raising the stakes for November’s presidential election among advocates for aggressive climate action. (Nevada Current)

Who won the Biden-Trump debate? Biden’s freeze draws age concerns

WASHINGTON – Presidential debates are always about expectations. And Thursday’s verbal sparring match between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump was no exception. (Reno Gazette Journal)

Presidential debate fact check: What Trump, Biden got right (and wrong)

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump both strayed repeatedly from the truth as they squared off in the first presidential debate of the 2024 election season.  Here are the claims the USA TODAY Fact Check Team dug into. (Reno Gazette Journal)

Golf, abortion, Jan. 6 and felonies: Biden and Trump’s memorable debate moments
President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump debated at CNN’s studios in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday night, the first showdown of the 2024 general election season for the presumptive presidential nominees. (Nevada Current)

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