Daily Update- May 21, 2020 IFC Subcommittee, Virtual Parole Hearings

The Interim Finance Committee met today to create and appoint members to a subcommittee that will be reviewing and advising on how and where federal aid dollars are spent. The subcommittee will be chaired by Speaker Frierson and a list of members is below: 

  • Composition of the Committee: 
    • Assembly members
      • Jason Frierson, Teresa Benitez-Thompson Daniele Monroe-Moreno, Sandra Jauregui, Jill Tolles, Tom Roberts 
    • Senate Members
      • Nicole Cannizzaro, Chris Brooks, Yvanna Cancela, Joyce Woodhouse, Ben Kieckhefer, Pete Goicoechea 

Today, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed an emergency directive permitting the Board of Parole Commissioners to conduct virtual parole hearings for all parole eligible inmates. Nevada law requires some public participation in certain parole hearings and proceedings. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nevada’s correctional facilities have limited public access to protect the health and safety of its inmates, making it difficult to hold those parole hearings.

The Directive and press release can be found here:

Governor Sisolak Announces Board of Parole Commissioners to allow for virtual public participation in hearings for eligible inmates

Directive 020 – Virtual Public Participation in Parole Hearings

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