Daily Update- May 15, 2020 Governor Updates on Phase 1

Today, Governor Sisolak held a press conference to update on Phase 1 of reopening Nevada. He talked about how things are looking better as more people have access to testing and that we have had a 20-day downward trend. The Governor stated that there was no timeline for when we would be able to move into Phase 2, and that he was still evaluating what Phase 2 would look like and which businesses may be included. “Our goal is to continue reopening more of Nevada’s economy in a safe and responsible manner … but it’s too early to make any determinations,” he said. Governor Sisolak took the time to ask everyone to keep wearing face coverings to protect not only yourself, but those that you love.

Are you wearing a mask when you go out? Let us know what you’re doing to stay safe!

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